Card printing, card design, ID’s, personalisation services of SIM cards, smart cards, contactless cards, RFID’s and more.


Card readers, desktop USB smart card readers, SIM card readers, OEM reader components, and more.


SIM card editors, Card Management Systems, SIM applet development kits, Simulators, and more.

identity tokens

Smart cards, SIM cards, UICC cards, NFC tags, RFID, badges, MIM’s and more.

Our Services

  • Card printing
  • Card personalisation
  • SIM card editing
  • SIM card profiling
  • SIM card production
  • Badge printing services
  • Access card printing and encoding services
  • Development of card personalisation systems
  • SIM card technical support
  • Mifare encoding
  • UICC specialists
  • SIM card personalisation training
  • PKI training
  • Proof-of-concept demonstrations for two-factor authentication
  • Gemalto IdA training center


Smartjac Industries Inc (AB) is a leading and innovative distributor and provider of smart card solutions, SIM cards & tools and identity based access security in Northern Europe and the United States.
We distribute and resell products and components used in solutions and projects requiring identification or strong authentication.

Smart Cards – RFID – IAM – M2M – SIM – NFC- OEM 

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Our vision

Our global vision is Identity everywhere. Together with key partners we offer and develop Identity based access solutions with smart cards, NFC & OTP for fixed & mobile users and machines (M2M). We also offer test SIM cards, tools and software for the Telecom industry. Smartjac was established in year 2002 and has a strong existing customer base and well established relationships with major integrators and industry leaders within digital identity and security.