The IDBridge CT30 and PC Twin Serial are innovative smart card readers designed for flexibility and convenience in various deployment scenarios. Both feature a unique transparent design that highlights the card, enhancing the user experience and aesthetic appeal.

Key Features:

- Modular Design: Both readers embrace a modular concept, accommodating a range of accessories like stands and floppy disk trays. This design simplifies logistics and inventory management.

- Reliable Connectivity: The IDBridge CT30 boasts maximum reliability with its non-removable cable, ensuring the reader stays connected without accidental unplugs.

- Compact and Lightweight: These readers are designed to be compact and lightweight, optimizing shipping expenses, especially for large project deployments. Their size allows them to fit easily in a standard postal envelope.

- Flexible Deployment: The PC Twin Serial's modular accessories offer flexibility in deployment. It can adapt to different hardware configurations and is not dependent on the PC's connection ports.

- Ease of Use: Utilizing existing PC USB TR drivers, these readers require no technical knowledge or mechanical tools for installation, ensuring ease of use.

- Cost-Effective: With their modular design, users can select the configuration that best meets their needs without incurring unnecessary costs.


- Stand Accessory: Enhances handling convenience for desktop usage. It comes with an innovative transparent design and removable adhesive tapes, and can be customized with a customer's logo. A weighted version is also available for one-hand operation.

- Floppy Bay Accessory: Transforms the PC USB TR reader into an internal device for installation in a PC's 3.5" Floppy Disk or 5.25" CD-ROM bay. It features a USB 5 pin header for motherboard connection and is available in black or beige for 3.5" size, black for 5.25", with other colors available upon request.

The IDBridge CT30 and PC Twin Serial are perfect solutions for users seeking a blend of style, functionality, and versatility in their smart card reading needs.