The SMAOT501A 5G UICC SIM Card is a premier solution crafted for the emerging demands of 5G networks. It combines ultra-fast connectivity with enhanced security and privacy, making it a top choice for next-generation mobile communications. This SIM card is designed to maximize the potential of 5G, offering users a superior experience in speed and reliability.

Key Features:

Optimized for 5G Networks: Specifically built to harness the speed and efficiency of 5G.

Enhanced User Privacy: Features advanced IMSI encryption (SUCI) for robust protection against tracking and unauthorized access.

Dynamic Privacy and Security Control: Provides network operators with the flexibility to manage subscriber privacy settings.

Quality of Service (QoS) Management: Enables precise control over user experience, prioritizing services based on user profiles and partnerships.

Advanced Cryptography: Supports new asymmetric crypto algorithms for SUCI, including ECIES with Profile A (Curve25519) and Profile B (Secp256r1).


Technology: 5G UICC SIM
Form Factor: Versatile sizing options for different device types
Compliance: Aligned with 3GPP Rel.15 and ETSI Rel.15R15
OTA Capabilities: Streamlined service activation and configuration updates for 5G services

Ideal For:

Cutting-edge 5G Mobile Networks
High-speed Internet and Data Services
IoT and Smart City Infrastructures
Enhanced Multimedia and Streaming Services

Why Choose SMAOT501A? 

The SMAOT501A stands out for its forward-thinking design, offering an unmatched combination of speed, security, and functionality in the 5G landscape. It's the SIM card of choice for users and network operators who demand the best in 5G technology.

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