SMAOT101A LTE UICC SIM Card with XOR Algorithm


The SMAOT101A LTE UICC SIM Card, equipped with the XOR authentication algorithm, offers a blend of high-speed LTE connectivity and robust security features. It's tailored for users and networks demanding reliable and secure mobile communication in the LTE environment. This SIM card stands out for its integration of advanced cryptographic features, ensuring secure access and data protection.

Key Features:

LTE Enhanced: Fully compatible with 4G LTE networks, offering seamless and smooth access to LTE services.

XOR Authentication Algorithm: Utilizes the XOR algorithm for secure authentication, enhancing security measures against potential threats.

Versatile OTA Capabilities: Supports OTA over SMS, CAT-TP, and HTTPs, ensuring flexible and secure remote management.

Advanced Cryptographic Features: Equipped with DES, 3DES, and AES encryption capabilities, ensuring data protection during communication.

Large User Memory: Offers up to 700K user memory, providing ample space for user data and applications.


Form Factor: Versatile sizing options for different device types.

Memory: 512K to 700K Flash, 6K RAM.

Compliance: 3GPP Release 11, ETSI Rel.R11, Java Card 3.0.4, and Global Platform 2.2.1 compliant.

Hardware Features: 32-bit CPU in 90 nm CMOS technology, DES/AES/RSA/ECC Hardware accelerator.

Ideal For:

- Mobile Network Operators requiring secure LTE connectivity.
- High-security applications in telecommunications.
- IoT devices requiring robust encryption and secure communication.
-Users seeking reliable and secure LTE network access.

Why Choose SMAOT101A with XOR?

 The SMAOT101A LTE UICC SIM Card with XOR algorithm is the ideal choice for users who prioritize both high-speed LTE connectivity and advanced security. Its integration of the XOR authentication algorithm with robust cryptographic features makes it a highly secure and reliable option in the LTE landscape.

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