The SMAOT500B 5G UICC SIM Card is a sophisticated and future-proof solution specifically designed for the next generation of mobile networks. It offers exceptional speed, security, and seamless integration with 5G infrastructure, making it an ideal choice for cutting-edge mobile connectivity.

Key Features:

5G Network Ready: Tailored to leverage the ultra-fast speeds and low latency of 5G networks.
Enhanced Security: Equipped with advanced encryption for IMSI (SUCI), providing superior protection against tracking and interception.
Dynamic Privacy Control: Allows network operators to manage subscriber privacy effectively.
Quality of Service Management: Ensures optimal user experience with capabilities to prioritize services and manage QoS & QoE.
Advanced Crypto Support: Incorporates new asymmetric cryptography algorithms for SUCI, including ECIES for Profile A (Curve25519) and Profile B (Secp256r1).


Technology: 5G UICC
Form Factor: Available in multiple sizes to fit various devices
Compliance: Adheres to 3GPP Rel.15 and ETSI Rel.15R15 standards
OTA Capability: Supports Over-The-Air service activation and updates

Ideal For:

- 5G Mobile Network Operators
- IoT and Smart Device Integration
- High-speed Data and Multimedia Services
- Industrial and Public Safety Applications

Why Choose SMAOT500B? 

The SMAOT500B is not just a SIM card; it's a gateway to the future of telecommunications. With its forward-thinking design and compatibility with 5G networks, it ensures users are always ahead, enjoying the fastest speeds and most secure connections.

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